1639 S Meridian STE 5
Wichita, KS

Hello Pink Elephant Games and Hobby Supporters! Thanks to your support we have upgraded our store to a new spot with over 2x the play space! We are now located at 1639 S Meridian. We will continue to strive to help each and every gaming community thrive and have a home. Please come check out the new location, and look for an expansion on available events to come soon!

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We got the first of several shipments in and have lots of stock ready for the grand Opening tomorrow, November 27th at 1PM. Come and see us this weekend. Friday 1-10pm, Saturday 12-8pm, and Sunday 12-3PM. We will start our regular hours begining next week. Hours are listed at top of home page.

For grand weekend opening we will be doing 15% off most everything in the store, and an additional 5% off if you show us a picture that you liked and follow our facebook page. Come see us for great deals! Discounts will also apply to future/out of stock orders placed this weekend as well.

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We are getting ready for the grand opening next week on Black Friday! Things are progressing well. Hope to see many of you next week at the grand opening weekend!

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Press Release for Pink Elephant Games and Hobby

Wichita, Kansas is getting a very new gaming and hobby store. Pink Elephant Games and Hobby is a new gaming store in town, focused on running community centered events with the players of each respective community in mind. Pink Elephant offers playing space for up to 16 player events in the Trading Card Game and Living Card Game genre. Pink Elephant Games and Hobby plans to offer competitive and casual events in Yugioh, Dragon Ball Super, Pokemon TCG, Magic the Gathering, and Legend of Five Rings LCG. During times where no event is hosted, Pink Elephant Games and Hobby has four different free play spaces available.

"I have been a member of the Wichta gaming scene for 20 years" owner Jonathon Schweer said. "Over the years it has been hard to get the local gaming stores to focus on smaller communities outside of Magic and Warhammer 40k." Currently in Wichita, a city of over 400,000 people, there are very few options for quality store support in many of the larger games such as Yugioh and Pokemon. "The purpose of this new store is to work with the players and the community leaders to create a community driven environment with competitive support, one that is focused on giving each of the local communities a place to get the attention and respect they crave and deserve" Schweer continued.

Wichita already has several shops dedicated to the local hobbies, so we asked the owner why he thinks his shop will stand out, I am confident that the community will see that I am most focused on building a prosperous community for each of their favorite games, and less focused on trying to make the most amount of profit. All the stores have bills to pay, but the design with Pink Elephant Games and Hobby is to minimize the cost so that players can have a healthy and strong playerbase to enjoy their favorite games. I think players will see and respect that and we will definitely stand out over the competition."

Owner Jonathon Schweer is a graduate from the University of Kansas with a bachelors of science in mathematics. He currently is a teacher at Wichita Southeast High School. His wife and co-owner of Pink Elephant Games and Hobby, Gayani Schweer, is working on a PHD in Bio Chemistry from Wichita State University.

Pink Elephant Games plans to have a soft opening, with limited product available on November 7th. They hope to be fully stocked and operational by January 1st, when they will be available to take pre-orders on many next products to come. On the list of games they are planning to carry at launch are: Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super CCG, Legend of Five Rings LCG, Star Wars: Legion, Dungeons and Dragons items; as well as various card gaming supplies like card sleeves, deck boxes, mats, and more. You can check their website at www.pinkelephantgames.com

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